Being right is essential, but itís not enough.

The substance of your policy proposal may be flawless, but success in the legislative or regulatory arenas requires a sophisticated advocacy that combines technical expertise, sharp political acumen, and a deep understanding of legislative process and regulatory procedures. These are what determine whether a policy proposal becomes law. Raffaniello & Associates may also from time to time provide clients policy research analysis, based on non-confidential information, to assist those clients to better understand U.S. government policy developments that may impact markets.

Raffaniello & Associates, LLC offers all of the elements essential for successful advocacy.

For over 25 years, Pat Raffaniello and Tim Hanford have demonstrated the ability work with Senators, Representatives, and Administrations in bi-partisan efforts that achieve results for our clients. Here is just a sampling of our successful projects.

  • Enactment of legislation shortening the depreciation of convenience stores from 39 years to 15 years.
  • Enactment of legislation reversing the IRS position that computer software did not qualify for export tax incentives under the foreign sales corporation rules.
  • Promulgation of regulations permitting Prescription Drug Providers (PDPs) to market related Medicare Advantage programs to PDP members.
  • Enactment and subsequent extension of legislation providing a tax credit for mine-safety training and accelerated depreciation of mine-safety equipment.
  • Enactment of legislation providing a production tax credit for electricity produced from advanced nuclear reactors and the issuance of Treasury guidance maximizing the allocation the nuclear production tax credits to eligible taxpayers.
  • Enactment of duty suspensions for the importation of certain manufacturing equipment.
  • Enactment of legislation providing Congressional consent to an interstate low-level radioactive waste disposal compact.
  • Enactment of a tax credit for wholesalers of distilled spirits to offset the carrying cost of pre-paid federal excise taxes.
  • Promulgation of IRS guidance allowing certain heavy maintenance on aircraft (commonly referred to as C and D checks) to be expensed rather than capitalized.
  • Enactment of legislation simplifying the excise taxes on tires and archery equipment.
  • Enactment of legislation allowing tax credits for the production of fuels from non-conventional sources (Internal Revenue Code sections 29 to 45K) to be carried forward for 20 years.
  • Enactment of legislation modernizing the tax treatment of mutual funds
  • Enactment of legislation simplifying the tax treatment of cellular phones
  • Enactment of legislation restructuring debt of the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund
  • Modification of IRS tax preparer rules to reduce compliance burden
  • Modifications to Dodd-Frank financial services legislation to clarify standards of care
  • Legislative clarification of interaction of mine safety expenses and alternative minimum tax
  • Enactment of legislation extending fuels tax credit
  • Promulgation of guidance clarifying compensation deductions for health insurance companies
  • Successful resistance of numerous adverse revenue-raising proposals affecting business taxpayers and their clients